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Crystal Ball Online Free Predictions

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Crystal Ball Online Free Predictions

For thousands of years, Crystal Balls have been applied for Prediction and Scrying. Fortune Tellers tend to use these balls to gain insights, and now you can get it for free on this site.

Crystal Ball Online Free Predictions

Crystal Free Predictions

Believe it or not, anything appearing in these spheres is just from one’s subconscious mind, not any miracle. As a result, it is really difficult to state that crystal balls can help us get a glimpse of our future prospects.

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Crystal Balls and their brief synopsis

• Choose a ball

Most of the crystal spheres are clear, transparent and made from lead crystal, natural quartz, glass or reconstituted quartz. Though clear quartz is considered as the most popular crystal intended for Scrying, beryl, obsidian, amethyst and smoky quart have also got special attention from users.

Additionally, most of the fortune tellers consider that if the balls are at least 4” to 5” in diameter, the reading will be less straining and easier. However, in some cases, the 3” ball also works well.

• Cleanse a ball

Once getting our ball, don’t forget to wash it through using a soft cloth, mind soap and water. This not only makes our ball clean but also assist cleansing the ball’s energy. Hence, try to cleanse it as much as possible so that it will be brighter and clearer to use.

• Handle and storage


In fact, a Crystal Ball is highly personal. Therefore, it is a wise idea for us not to let someone touch it because their subconscious thoughts and energies may pass into it, and then “contaminate” our ball, causing the incorrect and low-quality readings. In some cases, the ball can be lost its price, or our personal impacts it can become corrupted or weakened.

a Crystal Ball is highly personal

A Crystal Ball is highly personal

When not in use, attempt to wrap it in dark cloth, and keep it in the box at the place where it cannot be touched or used by others.

Crystal Ball Online – Free Predictions for some upcoming events

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Want to know what will happen to you in the next days? Yearn to know whether your current relationship is long-lasting or not? Wish to check the compatibility between you and your partner?

The Online Crystal Ball can give us a hand so that we will get impressions of things that can soon take place. Let this free automatic soothsayer provide us some exciting prophecies. As a result, we may get an idea about events that can befall, know impending risk or grab the potential opportunities, for example.

How to ask Free Online Crystal Ball:

– Think of our inquiry that has been worrying about us recently.

– Get rid of other puzzled thoughts. Try to focus on the ball’s center.

– Ask the query in mind, and then click on the Magic Crystal Ball now!

– Only ask the Yes-No Questions.

The common questions popularly asked by online users:

– Will I get married to him/her?

– Does he/she love me too?

– Shall I find my lost belongings?

– Is he/she the right match?

– Should I quit the present job, and start seeking for the new one?

– Will he/she come back to me soon?

– Will it ever take place?

– Can it work?

– Should I think of the job change?

– Are I and he/she compatible with each other?

– Am I at risk now?

– Should I do this project at that time?

– Shall my team get a victory?

– Can I do it well?

– What is better – business or teacher?

– Should I tell her that I love her a lot?

– I intend to propose to her tonight? Does my wish come true?

– Does he/she like to live with me on the same roof?

Crystal Ball Online is a cool service for getting Free Predictions for the future, so don’t hesitate to try it out now yourself!


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