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How To Make A Fortune Teller For Kids?

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How To Make A Fortune Teller For Kids?

Paper Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher is known as the surprising Origami crafting work, enabling parents to teach their beloved kids to make it any time. This article will show you how.

Make A Fortune Teller For Kids

Make A Fortune Teller For Kids

Believe it or not, even lots of adults can spend much time in creating these divine toys for different purposes. It is really interesting, fun and worth a try for us! Long to know the ways how to make and craft it now? It is time to follow the step-by-step instructions here via this article.

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The steps for making a Fortune Teller For Kids:

Stage 1: What should we prepare?

Let’s prepare a sheet of paper, and cut it into the square-shaped paper. If possible, we can paint it with our favorite colors. Always ensure that this piece of paper has a square shape.

Stage 2: How to Make a Fortune Teller for Kids?

• Fold the paper lengthwise via making it in half so that we can make sure that we get 2 rectangular-shaped pieces. Don’t forget to make the crease on the edge to make the fold obviously defined. It is time to open the paper, and repeat this step with another side.

• Open the paper fortune teller up. We now have two intersecting lines in the center of the paper. Afterward, fold the 4 corners in the center intersection one by one. We will end up with a small square.

• Flip the paper over. Like the above step, we continue to fold the 4 new corners in the center of this small square one by one. The smaller square will finally formed.

The steps for making a Fortune Teller For Kids

The steps for making a Fortune Teller For Kids

• It is time to fold the square in half. Unfold it, and continue to fold it in half in another way.

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• Open and pull the 4 ends together so that a diamond-like shape is made. Pick up each of the 4 square flaps, and then put our digits inside. Move the 4 parts around if we like.

Stage 3: How to use this paper fortune teller?

• Each of the taps at 4 corners should be drawn with one particular color. Of course, add any color we like on these corners.

• Flatten it out, and we may label the inside taps with different numbers from 1 to 8. Try to ensure that the inward taps have already been labeled with fortune, located below the corresponding numbers.

• Play with our kids any time they are at leisure.

– Ask our son to pick out a color or the objects that we write on these flaps. Tell him that he can choose any kind of his favorite color.

– Move the cootie catcher in and out, and spell out the magic word he has just selected.

– Unfold it to show the numbers. Have him choose one of his interesting numbers.

– At that time, don’t forget to count number out whilst moving the flaps in and out.

– Ask him to pick out another number, and then repeat this above step.

– Open this sacred toy, and show him the secretive answer from the inside flap.

More things to note:

In short, instead of making Fortune Teller Paper for our children, why don’t we take time to teach them how to make it? Certainly, they will get some useful experience from practicing. After that, tell them how to use it for the best results. If possible, don’t be hesitant to invite them to play with us for some first time.

Day after day, they will learn all by themselves. Encourage our kids to get their friends engaged in this funny game. Don’t forget to remind them that the predictions from this fortune teller are just used for relaxation and entertainment purposes only. As a result, don’t too worry if they get a negative prophecy.

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