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How To Make A Fortune Teller Paper Folding

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How To Make A Fortune Teller Paper Folding

This article will show you How To Make A Fortune Teller Paper Folding, an awesome origami toy, which is familiar to many Asian kids in many different countries. Read it now to see how.

Make A Fortune Teller Paper Folding

Make A Fortune Teller Paper Folding

In order to create an origami fortune teller paper, one of the best toys for those kids or even adults to play, we can learn from different sources nowadays ranging from TV shows, crafting classes, to the Internet crafting sessions. Are you more excited to know which way is the best to make it?

Pay more attention to step-by-step instructions as below to get an idea about the how-to relating to the act of folding this familiar origami fortune teller paper as well as how to use it to read the others who want to gain more insights into their fortune.

What can we expect from this brand-new origami toy when hundreds of people would love to know about it and have all their questions about the life they’re leading to be fully revealed? You can look even further than that with just a close glimpse of these folding instructions. Let’s start with the ever first step of the whole process.

Step-By-Step Fortune Teller Paper Folding How-To

Step 1: you should begin with an origami paper shaped in square and sizing about 6 inches with one side down the surface.

Step 2: Next, two separate folds should be made at first in which one fold will be the one running along the horizontal axis and another one going along the vertical axis. The image shows the dotted lines symbolizing two different folds above. What else? It’s very necessary to get it creased well and then get in unfolded.

Step 3: it’s best to start with another 2 different folds, but this time you must make the one running along the diagonal axis. Later, have it creased well and then unfolded again.

Step 4: it’s time to move to the bottom right corner of the paper along with the act of folding the paper to be able to meet the central point. Please remember to make this act repeat for the 3 remaining corners.

Step 5: Get the entire origami paper flipped over. Now, this is the place in which you could freely write or jot down anything you like in the fortunes. It’s always essential to write in a fortune for every 8 quadrants in total. There should be one fortune to be present on it. For example, you can write “your lucky day is Thursday” in each of the quadrants if you like.

Step 6: This is the time when you’ve got to fold every bottom tip right to the central point of the paper. Do this again with 3 other remaining corners.

Step 7: it seems that you may need a few IDs for these sections just by jotting down the numbers, and feel free to take advantage of colors, etc if you like.

Step 8: flip the entire paper over and be ready to open it with your fingers.

Step 9: Begin with making up the spaces or rooms for your thump and index fingers so that this origami paper can be held up well.

Step 10: have the entire paper flipped over again and guess what? Your origami fortune teller has been finally complete!

Learn How to Use Your Origami Fortune Teller

– You will be the one holding the fortune teller, and be the one asking another person to choose his favorite color.

– It’s better to have the color spelled out during the act of opening and closing the paper.

– Please ask him to pick out his favorite numbers shown in the fortune teller.

– Count out all numbers while opening and closing the origami

– Ask him to get one number like the last time

– Let him ask any question of his concern

– Get the flap opened up and start to read his fortune

Have fun folding the origami fortune teller for you or your kids to play!

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